Kira Peters

My entire professional career has been spent in community service. For the past 28 years I have worked for the City of Scottsdale in various leadership roles.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from ASU and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from NAU.

I was most recently appointed to the position of Library Director for the City of Scottsdale’s library system and this has proven to be my most exciting professional challenge yet. I am an alum of Scottsdale Leadership (Class 29).  I love what I do, especially since I can see how my work directly and positively impacts the community.

Why the WC Kira?

Being a strong, independent, kind and professional woman has always been important to me.

Women have skills and attributes that can make great influences/impacts in organizations/community but are underrepresented in leadership roles.  I have talked about the need for a strong women’s group for a very long time.  I am thrilled to be working with a passionate and fun group who are ready to make dreams a reality by acting on developing a collective that will get more women to the leadership table.