Making a Significant Impact for Women

Members of The WC will be making an impact for women by providing funding that will support, encourage and instill confidence in women as they achieve leadership status in their profession.


Belonging to Innovative and FUN Group of Women

While The WC works hard to activate women leadership in powerful and meaningful ways, we will also be having some serious fun along the way.  After all we are women, we can multitask!  Members will build personal and professional relationships and be known in communities for the great work being done to further diversity in the workforce.


The WC Members

Holly Amend 

Linda Baer  

Jane Blacker 

Kris Cano

Nicole Corning 

Susan Ciardullo  

Kerianne Crooker  

Shawna Glazier    

Ty Dahlstrom

Jona Davis  

Melodi Harmon  

Tracy Hedrick  

Tracy Hughes

Chris Irish  

Lina Kalvyté  

Colleen Katz

Jenna Kohl  

Jillian Ladegard

Emily Lanter-Ure

Jessica Mann 

Maryann McAllen  

Susan Menchaca

Kira Peters  

Stacey Richman 

Lisa Stalica  

Susan Wain 

Holly Walter 

Want to Join?

The financial requirement for accepted, WC members is $1,000 annually or the ability to provide a skill worth the annual membership fee. Membership checks made payable to the Women’s Collective. Payment plans available.

The Women’s Collective
PO Box 513
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

For more information, please email us at