Jessica Mann

I grew up in Wisconsin with parents whose careers and projects always had a focus on helping and improving the community. My mother retired as a social worker and my father restores and revitalizes historic buildings and promotes Wisconsin’s ethnic settlements. This inspired me to find a career that would directly or indirectly make a difference in my community. After graduating with an accounting degree, I started my consulting career at Arthur Anderson Business Consulting. Shortly after moving to Arizona in 2001, I found my career passion of helping grant funded organizations implement and enhance their PeopleSoft Grant Management system, a system which tracks and manages grants throughout the complete lifecycle of a project. I feel blessed for the incredible organizations I’ve worked with over the years. From non-profits, to large healthcare systems, to universities, and state and local governments – these organizations range from delivering programs benefiting their local communities to performing research to find cures for people around the globe. After working as an independent consultant for 14 years, I joined SpearMC Consulting in 2019 as a Managing Director and lead up our Oracle-PeopleSoft Grants Management practice.


Why The WC, Jessica?

I contribute a lot of my career success to having mentors who encouraged me to take risks, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and had faith in my abilities when I doubted myself. I want to give back by returning the favor to other women – to help women gain confidence and reduce barriers to go after and achieve their dreams. I’m excited about the collective strength of the WC, working passionately together to inspire and elevate women leaders.