Jenna Kohl

Building community has always been my passion. After earning a master’s in public administration at Northern Illinois University, I spent a couple of years giving out grants to nonprofits that served low income and homeless families. I continued my career as Assistant Village Manager in Algonquin, Illinois, and then as CEO for Anthem, AZ – off to the desert and I’ve never looked back. Now, I am fortunate to serve as Executive Director for the DC Ranch Community Council; there’s no place I’d rather be.

Why the WC Jenna?

I want to give back. In a big way. Almost anyone can volunteer. I don’t want to just volunteer; I want to be part of something impactful, something that takes work and effort to build, is sustainable, and makes a tangible, positive, long-term difference. Most of my positive life experiences and opportunities are because someone supported and believed in me; I am compelled to pass that on. I believe that, if you find yourself blessed, you have an obligation to give back. I also want to do something in honor of my dad who gave so much to me and all his students, While I’ve had many impactful mentors in my life, they were all men, and we need to step up as women to add our voices to the mix. And, finally, because our world desperately needs more women leaders at the decision-making table.